Professional Tips How Brands Can Enter TikTok with Virus Challenge.

TikTok’s fame among marketers is largely due to the hashtag issue. Almost every week, another brand joins the TikTok Billionaire Club – more than a billion views in the viral campaign. Unique to the platform, hashtag issues are proprietary viral issues supported by influential people, music, and paid advertising.

Brands have never before been able to create virality on such a massive scale. The most effective tasks inspire hundreds of thousands (and sometimes millions) of TikTokers to create brand videos. Imagine that many people need 30-60 minutes to make a video about your brand. This can add a staggering amount of video views. NYX’s #ButterGlossPop raised a whopping 10 billion, and #DistanceDance P & G $ 14 billion.

Platform hashtag issues are typically the main funnel-shaped campaigns designed to create interest, awareness, and proximity.

How can other brands emulate this success? It begins with an understanding of these issues and the culture that surrounds them. From a marketing perspective, hashtag issues are usually the main funnel campaigns. They are designed to create noise, awareness, and, of course, proximity.

Part of the art and science, creating viral content on TikTok requires several important components:

Balancing directions and creativity: Hashtag problems should begin with a clear message – what do you suggest users do? This prompt should then balance a clear request with an invitation for a creative interpretation. Opportunity or creativity and self-expression are why people want to participate. Achieving this balance between focus and openness is key to virality.

Thoughtful or brand integration: There is a delicate balance between brand integration and virality. Aggressive brand integration can inhibit virality, so you want to enable enough to manage your KPIs while maintaining joy and ease. For example, NYX Cosmetics’ #ButterGlossPop promoted their best-selling “oil gloss lip gloss” with a song that users could dance to while putting on lip gloss.

Careful selection of music: music is the cornerstone of a successful test. On other platforms, music may be an afterthought, but on TikTok, it is a virus engine. Music plays many roles, the key to which is the “instruction” for calling. You want to design every second of a 15-second track so that it is clear what people should do and inspire creativity. Strategic Influence Plan: influential people play a crucial role in successfully launching a hashtag. In the fight against viruses, the main role of influential people is to model the problem and inspire people to join. Their coverage is of secondary importance, as you will get a lot of information about your media purchase. Choose a group of influential people who will communicate with various demographic segments of your brand and will perceive the energy of the task.

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